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 Carpet odor removall

Rug Cleaning

We offer in-home, steam-extraction cleaning of your rug(s).

Odor Removal

We have the chemicals & cleaning process necessary to neutralize PH, remove stains, & eliminate the odor caused by urine & other contaminants.

Stain Removal

Rarely do we come across a stain that cannot be removed in the regular cleaning process. (Such as hair dye, nail polish, blood, ink, red wine, etc.) These stains require an intensive chemical treatment to remove and as such may require an additional charge.

Window Cleaning

Does your two story home need the outside windows cleaned on the second floor? How about your office building? We offer professional window cleaning services as well. We will pressure wash your windows to remove all dirt and grout, and then we will dry them and make them spotless, squeaky clean. Your windows will be crystal clear.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning


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